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Open spiced chicken sandwich on toasted sourdough with salsa, guacamole and harr…

Open spiced chicken sandwich on toasted sourdough with salsa, guacamole and harrisa mayo

So the sourdough is on offer in lidlireland at the moment but to be honest, you can use any bread here once it’s a nice thick cut but any excuse not to make homemade sourdough is music to my ears.

Method 🍷
1. Slice your chicken breasts across the middle to make four thin breasts. Marinade your chicken in some BBQ sauce, salt and pepper for 20 minutes (you could also use chipotle here for some spice)
2. Dice up your cherry tomatoes and red onion. Save half the onion for the guacamole and mix the other half with the tomatoes, coriander, like juiced, garlic and olive oil. Leave it to one side.
3. Mash up your avocado (try not to slice your hand open removing the stone which is apparently a very common injury in A&E these days) and mix with the cumin, lime juice, salt, pepper, onion and garlic (if you love spice then a small bit of red chilli wouldn’t go amiss here)
4. Heat some oil in a pan and fry off your bacon.
5. Put some flour on a plate and dip each chicken breast in it, coating in flour on each side. In the same pan as the bacon, fry the chicken over a medium heat until golden brown on each side
(If you’ve sliced them thinly enough then it shouldn’t be too long please god)
6. Chop up your rashers and slice your bread. Grill or toast it depending on your preference
7. Mix the harissa in to the mayonnaise
8. Remove the chicken from the heat once cooked through (clear juices and no pink bits in the middle obviously)
9. Serve everything all together – ramekin dishes optional but very boujee

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