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Easter roasted leg of lamb with crispy potatoes and a juicy gravy I think it’s…

Easter roasted leg of lamb with crispy potatoes and a juicy gravy

I think it’s safe to say that lamb is on offer in all the supermarkets this week and if not, it definitely will be next week. In relation to the bones (🥺), your butcher will be able to give you some or you might just need to cut a bit off your leg of lamb if it’s particularly long. They’re not 100% necessary so don’t worry if you can’t get. This recipe is an all day kinda recipe so lots of pre-planning needed be warned.

Method 🍷
1. Leave your lamb to rest at room temperature for 2 hours before you intend to cook it.
2. We’re going to marinade our lamb in a mix of fresh thyme, rosemary, olive oil, garlic, salt & pepper so you can either blend all these ingredients or mash them up in a pestle & mortar. (Wild garlic is in season at the moment and would be UNREAL if you can get it) Then you want to stab the leg of lamb multiple times and massage the marinade in to it. (All sounds very elaborate now that I’m typing it but anyway) Then leave it marinade for another two hours
3. Peel and chop your spuds to roastie size and par boil them in heavily salted water. You want to be able to pierce them easily with a knife without them falling to bits. Drain the water and season the spuds with salt, pepper, thyme and a good lashing of butter. Mix it all around, rustle them up and transfer them to a baking dish. Then put them in the fridge.
4. When your lamb has marinaded for long enough, preheat your oven to 180
5. Slice your onions in half width ways and heat some oil in a pan
6. Fry the onion halves with the bones if you have them and some garlic, salt and pepper
7. Lay the onions and bones in the bottom of the baking dish you’re going to cook your lamb in
8. Then brown your leg of lamb on all sides in a pan to give the skin colour and lock in some of the flavour and juices. Transfer it to the baking dish on top of the onions
9. Use your white wine to deglaze the pan by pouring it in and scraping up any bits (with a wooden or plastic utensil only) that might have been stuck to the bottom and simmer the wine for a few minutes.

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