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4in1 with chicken balls, fried rice and chips The worlds smallest 4in1 pictured…

4in1 with chicken balls, fried rice and chips

The worlds smallest 4in1 pictured above? Probably, but if I had my time over I’d have eaten five times that amount tbh.

Use a small saucepan because you need a lot of oil to fry the chicken balls and make sure you do them in batches to make sure everything cooks. You also want an oil with a high burn point like veg or sunflower – don’t go with olive oil here, give up the health kick. I’ve actually already posted a katsu curry recipe with veg tempura so I’ll probably fly through this to save me typing so reference that post if you’re stuck

1. Dice up your chicken breast in to pieces and slice up your potatoes in to chips
2. For the curry sauce, sautéed some garlic and onion in a saucepan over a medium heat until soft. Add curry powder, turmeric and cumin and stir in to a paste. Add some plain flour to make it a very dry and thick paste. Then slowly stir in some chicken stock until it’s made a nice sauce (more in depth post on this curry sauce with my veg tempura post if you need it)
3. Heat enough oil to deep fry the chicken in a small saucepan to 150-160 degrees/medium heat (until a wooden spoon creates bubbles when dipped in)
4. Boil whatever type of rice you’re using until cooked and leave to one side
5. Put some cornflour in a bowl and coat all your chicken pieces in it (this lets the batter stick to the chicken pieces)
6. Mix the self raising flour, salt & pepper in a bowl and add the water to it, stirring continuously to make the batter. It should be a thick, smooth texture
7. Dip the chicken in the batter and lay the pieces out on a baking sheet/bread board/plate ready to go
8. In batches, blanch (which means to part-cook essentially) the chicken balls in the hot oil until they’re barely brown and then remove from the saucepan and leave to one side
9. In that same oil, blanch (again part-cook) your chips and remove from the oil before fully crisp
10. At this point, fish out any bits of batter or anything that looks like it’s burning in the oil and put your chicken balls back in. Turn up the heat to high and let them cook away until crispy and golden
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